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  • Submited:2011-02-10 03:00:04
  • File Size:1536252
  • Resolution:2560x1920
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  • Category:Glee
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User Comments

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Written by Mako on 2015-01-29, 08:00:59

They don’t like him because he’s clearly gay now, what with the pregnant girlfriend and the singing. (It’s true, those are total gateways into rainbow gardens of leather daddies and twinks.) Hahaha — this reminds me so hard of HS when one of my
other’s friends would get a gf and they’d all try to go
os-bef0re-hos and tell him, “You’re gay! You’re hanging out with a girl!” And my
other’s Puck-ish friend would say, “I’m getting laid, and that’s gay? Whereas hanging out with you dudes at the M&M and playing Moon Patrol and listening The Cars is NOT gay. Am I getting that straight (so to speak?)” I, too, found Will’s dancing and Puck’s strumming Neil Diamond to be standouts. There needs to be more Puck and an acoustic getting down with some 70s singer-songwriters.I also loved the derma
asion line. Oh, Ken.

Written by on 2014-05-21, 19:24:43

Oh Dave! There are things, but they are spoilery, so I shall say them only in my head.Clown porn? Really? I almost dropped my Big Mac!! Also, where can this be found?[DRINK!]I cannot stress enough the wrongness of going to Emma in lessons on being cool.Will’s ability to selectively remember his marriage never ceases to amaze me.“I could have danced all night in my thong th-thong thong thong!” *NOTE: Stripper pole and dollar bills sold separately.**sigh* I miss micro-derma
asion….curse me for living in Ala-freaking-bama!OMG!!! I love Puckerman’s guns….shoot me now!Are you sure we don’t get 10 drinkgs, since they get 10 slushies?[DRINK]He may wear knee socks, but let’s be fair…there was no way she was ever going to go there anyway, wedding or not.[DRINK]*taps bottom of big gulp* Dammit, all out!

Written by on 2014-05-18, 12:22:53

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