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  • Submited:2011-02-13 03:00:06
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User Comments

I had to throw out that American Girl magazine in the mdldie of the night because the contents would have cost me a fortune! My daughter could not put it down and that scared me. Fortunately, for my son, the Target catalog came the same week, so I got to hear over and over again what Wii games he wanted. Note to self: I need to grab the mail when my kids are not around!

Written by Geane on 2015-01-31, 08:49:35

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Written by Mario on 2015-01-29, 10:31:48

They don’t like him because he’s cllreay gay now, what with the pregnant girlfriend and the singing. (It’s true, those are total gateways into rainbow gardens of leather daddies and twinks.) Hahaha this reminds me so hard of HS when one of my
other's friends would get a gf and they'd all try to go
os-bef0re-hos and tell him, You're gay! You're hanging out with a girl! And my
other's Puck-ish friend would say, I'm getting laid, and that's gay? Whereas hanging out with you dudes at the M M and playing Moon Patrol and listening The Cars is NOT gay. Am I getting that straight (so to speak?) I, too, found Will's dancing and Puck's strumming Neil Diamond to be standouts. There needs to be more Puck and an acoustic getting down with some 70s singer-songwriters.I also loved the derma
asion line. Oh, Ken.

Written by Yusufcan on 2015-01-29, 09:28:38

Oh, they both love those! At Christmas time when all the toy ads come out, they lay around for weeks so the kids can flip thougrh them over and over and then we cut them up for craft time.

Written by Kehinde on 2015-01-29, 07:48:31

Hahahaha, high school boys are not the
ghetist bulbs, are they?I def. could use more Puck and a guitar. Or Puck kissing his guns. Or Puck kissing Will. WAIT SORRY, WENT OFF ON A TANGENT.

Written by Sandra on 2015-01-29, 06:47:41

Wowza, problem solved like it never happened.

Written by auto insurance online quote on 2014-11-04, 03:45:30

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Written by written assignment on 2014-05-30, 04:31:58

Hallelujah! I needed this-you're my savior.

Written by online book report service online book report service on 2014-05-28, 23:52:09

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Written by online accredited colleges on 2014-05-06, 18:07:09

You've hit the ball out the park! Incredible!

Written by on 2014-03-20, 22:57:27

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