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  • Submited:2011-02-16 15:00:01
  • File Size:1617502
  • Resolution:1600x1200
  • File Format:2
  • Category:Dollhouse
  • Downloads:968
  • Views:6712
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Hey, I'm sorry, look, I know it's hard to make a Podcast, but you guys are sometimes rellay, rellay boring. Like, I'm getting the RSS feed, so you're getting downloaded automatically, and I just have to say, wow, just wow. So, after a fifteen minute intro I listen to you all talk about God knows what, and, you know what, even with constant fast forwarding I can't seem to force myself to pay attention. I know everybody thinks that their friends have the funniest and most interesting conversations and that everyone should be privvy to them, but sometimes it's just not true. Okay, so, I'm not just offering complaints, I'm offering solutions, because I agree with most of the stuff ya'll talk about, and sometimes, you are quite entertaining: 1. Make a topic, stick to that topic (reasonably), then move on to another topic. I heard you talk about some guy who made a drunk 911 call for like ten minutes, and I'm like, Dear God, where is this going? 2. Try to make things are universal as possible. Sometimes you guys make references that have to do with your circle of friends. This is unrelatable to me, and mostly boring, please move on. 3. Make your show shorter. I have a feeling that run time might be a little long. Look, I'm tuning in once a week, an hour and a half is a long time for me to be listening to you.You can, of course, completely ignore my suggestions, which you are under no obligation to listen to, as I am sure that you have a large fanbase that enjoys listening to your ramblings no matter what they are. I, however, am not one of those people. And you don't have to change your entire format just to suit me, but I mean, of course you could. And lastly, I rellay like the comic, and you all seem like very likable people, and that's why I started downloading the podcast, but I could not take it anymore, thus this message. I am not a bad person and I don't think you are either, rellay is the point, so, yeah. If you (or your fans) would like to yell at me, I do not mind. My email is

Written by Mark on 2015-01-30, 10:25:28

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