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  • Submited:2011-02-16 18:00:01
  • File Size:1468214
  • Resolution:1600x1200
  • File Format:2
  • Category:Dollhouse
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  • Views:6941
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Good podcast guys. But I have to tell Josh to STFU about Joel doing voeics. Joel's did voeics in podcasts where Josh wasn't attending. In episode 52 alone he had such memorable voeics as Obosby and the Caprica Mobsters with which he riffed on for a good hour combined.

Written by Manuel on 2015-01-31, 08:55:18

I think you guys were pretty right on about Avatar. The fact that the story is deritavive of many other stories is not such a big deal to me it allowed me to fully immerse myself in the stunning visuals and really feel like I was there on Pandora. I wasn't having to analyze the dialogue for hidden meaning or look for where the next twist in the story would come from, it was a straight forward story that was well executed by the actors. Leaving my
ain more free to buy into the reality the movie put forward.

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