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Well, Mark is an idiot who obvioulsy does not understand the law. So his only response is to crticize someone who does.Yes, a man should be very, very careful aoubt whom he marries. But that misses the point. The problem here is with the marriage contract. It doesn't matter who he marries.I'm sure there are some good, decent women out there. And you're lucky if you found one. But the point remains that marriage contract is a license for abandonment, betrayal and bankruptcty.What law is ther to prevent her from doin that? There is none.It's perfectly legal for her to slap him with child support for some other man's bastard. And there is not a goddamn thing he can do about it, except pay the bills or go to jail.Don't you guys get it? The problem is with the law. The terms and conditions of the marriage contract are completely unacceptable. If she doesn't get that, then it's her problem.Change the law. Otherwise, marriage is out of the question.I'm a man. i fully accept my responsibilities. I will support and raise any child I conceive, after a paternity test.I am not about to agree to support and raise every child she conceives.You always know who the mother is. You never know who the father is.What part of this equation do you not understand?There is absolutely no way I'm going to put my money on the line for some stupid, spoiled, conceited little girl.She could have made a woman. But, no, that would have been too difficult.So, instead she complains about man caves and video games. Please.

Written by on 2014-05-20, 17:01:07

any of you even listen to the show? The two women, what did they talk about? Man caves and video games.Did you listen to the show other than for hot button key words? They mentioned mancaves and gaming in reference to men's problems in society. They also spent a lot of time on men's unfair treatment in divorce, custody, and support and the reappearance of debtor's prison. They covered female on male violence and the fact that all men are portrayed as potential child molesters and abusers despite the numbers being close to equal for men and women.We can't win this alone, and it is counter productive to dump on people who support you and your cause because they are not vociferous enough, or do not give the same weight to various topics that you deem important.Men are in a massive hole and there are many working to dig it deeper for us. We need all the publicity of the unfairness of the situation we can get.We just got an hour of free time for our message on a podcast by a nationally syndicated columnist, which reaches a lot more people outside the MRM than all the MRA podcasts put together.Dumping on these ladies for not doing it the way you would like is so dumb, it defies description. You come off sounding like a Feminazi plant, disseminating disinformation and agitprop. The best thing you could do to help men would be to shut up until you get some common sense and learn your manners.

Written by on 2014-05-17, 18:35:20

This is ridiculous. I'm the only one who is talking about the real problem, which is the law, the terms and conditions of the marriage contract, which I will never agree to.Did any of you even listen to the show? The two women, what did they talk about? Man caves and video games. It's a subtle form of condescension. It's stereotypical, and oh so predictable.I don't live in a cave. I haven't played video games since I was 15. I do have a study with a li
ary though, two bachelor's degrees and a master's degree. I'm an educated, intelligent, successful man. I also happen to run a multi-million dollar family owned business. And I take care of my mother.But what do these women talk about? Caves and games. Why don't they talk about the law? Why don't they talk about presumptive paternity, no fault divorce, or abortion on demand?Those are the real issues. The marriage contract as it is currently constructed is a license for abandoment, betrayal and bankruptcy. Yet, nobody talks about that. No, they all just complain about boys and girls.I understand the law. I understand the terms and conditions of the contract. I do not agree to those terms and conditions. So my only option is to not invest anything more than a tequila shot and lie to the face in her. I would rather have the money. Wouldn't you?When women start to discuss the real issue, I'll start to listen to them. Man caves and video games, give me a
eak.Nothing is going to change. The law favors women in their exploitation of men, so there is no reason for women to change it. That's the real problem. Until you guys figure that out, you'll only be abandoned, betrayed and bankrupted.

Written by on 2014-05-15, 15:30:39

GawainsGhost:Let's talk about the law.Asset division:Let's start out by looking at the partnership acts of most states (regarding business partnerships). If a partnership is dissolved - absent an agreement specifying something else - the default position is that remaining assets will be divided equally among the partners. If two partners both work 10 hours a day building and selling widgets, and then both want to quit after two years, it does sound fair that remaining assets of the partnership would be distributed equally. Now maybe one partner builds the widgets and the other does the accounting and marketing. Since they can create an agreement to the contrary - and don't - an equal distribution upon dissolution is probably also fair or at least the most expedient method.But that's exactly how marriage works. A determination is made as to "marital assets" - all assets obtained by both parties during the marriage - and they are split 50/50 in community property states. Other states take a bit of a look at who earned what. By the way, if you kept your mother's business ABSOLUTELY separate from any future wife - and kept all profits, all work, everything, in your own name with no connection to the wife, that would NOT be considered marital property.OK, so where's the problem for men? I'll tell you by comparing it to our business partnership above. Instead of a situation in which the partners do different things, but both make substantial contributions, one partner does all the production, marketing accounting etc. and the other partner sits at home watching TV. But the first partner also doesn't make an agreement to the contrary of equal division, because he tells everyone that the other partner HAS THE HARDEST JOB IN THE WORLD. The other partner has the most important job.WTF?And if men really believe that, then why are they (the specific men who believe that fiction) bitching about ONLY having to pay half? If she has the harder job, she should get the BIGGER chunk of the assets upon divorce.The problem is the FICTION that men uphold, not the law.

Written by on 2014-05-12, 15:54:31

Change the law. Change the terms and conditions of the marriage contract. Eliminate presumptive paternity, no fault divorce and abortion on demand.Until or unless you do that, nothing you say or think means anything.Men are held accountable under the law. Women are not. It's that simple, so it's no wonder that no woman advocates changing the law.You say it's a process, not an event. Yeah, right, like the Dallas Cowboys are going to win a championship with process. Please.If women were truly concerned about men's rights, they would be storming the streets to change the law. But they're not about to do that, are they?The solution, the way out of this trap, is very simple, guys. Set up an LLC. Put all of your savings into the corporate account and use it to buy income generating assets. Avoid marriage at all costs.What is the modern American girl worth today? A tequila shot, a lie to the face, and one quick fuck and dump. And now she doesn't like it. I really don't care.Is she going to be my life partner? No. Is she going to be my helpmate? No. Is she going to be the mother to raise my children? No.Well, then I'm done. She offered me sex. That's all she has to offer me. I had sex with her. End of story.She can buy her own house. Hey, little girl, go to college, get a degree. Then go out into the real world and get a job, advance in you career. Buy your own house, where you can sit at home alone and complain about men.You can take your bad attitude and sell it on the street, for all I care. You can take all that money you earn from selling your bad attitude on the street, and use it to buy you own house. Because I'm not going to buy you a house. I'm definitely not going to assume presumptive patertinty for you.Until or unless women are willing to discuss the real issue, which is the law, there's nothing to talk about. She's just another chirping bird, pampered and priveleged.In other words, she's worthless. Any man who would invest any money in her is either a lovedrunk fool or a complete idiot.

Written by on 2014-05-06, 15:04:19

I LOVE THIS DENIM AND JEANS POST! i'm abig fan of jeans and would gladly wear 'em with lotta fave items.I saw a sintunng studded denim jacket here. =D and the coolest Docs.

Written by Marlena on 2014-05-05, 08:14:06

For as offensive as it is to bnlmiag Obama in this, can we agree that it is equally offensive to use the "teabagger" or "denier" smear? The fact is, eliminating IP would cause intense hardship on New Yorkers and provide nothing in environmental benefit - in fact, it would inflict more harm. Can we stick to the facts and recognize our real adversary - anti-nukes - and not merely our political ones?

Written by Nan on 2014-02-23, 23:03:52

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