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User Comments

On the contrary, I think MTV is trying insure that a fandom war occurs when voting begins. My guess is they are trying to spread the nominations out to include as many fandoms as possible and then let them fight it out in the voting.I guess I should be more annoyed by this, but I always forgot about the MTV MMA until after the nominations were out anyway so I'll still just be voting. Although I do find it ironic that they are trying to class themselves up by using the word "Academy" and mentioning the likes of Meryl Streep. Anyway, what bothers me most about this article is that on one hand they discuss their core viewers-teens and then later say their going to play up full frontal male nudity. Now I know I can be a bit of a prude of a mom & MTV certainly isn't the epitomy of moral fortitude, but this core audience they are targeting can't even get in to the theater to see the NC-17 & R-rated movies they are referencing. So while this academy idea may be meant to "class up their act", it seems to me that they are just talking out of both sides of their mouth. *putting away my soapbox*

Written by on 2014-05-23, 14:29:09

, they are really contradicting themselves. Because 'Best On-Screen Dirt Bag' doesn't really 'upgrade' the awards, right? But to be honest: if all of this wouldn't have affected the Twilight awards, it wouldn't really have interested me. Because I have to admit that I obviously only care because I don't want to lose the epic Twilight/Robsten night. The MMA's are amazing for us, fans. Well, at least they are for me - I always love my Robsten-filled night and I actually was already looking forward to it. And last but not least: I seriously think that the MMA's should recognize their meaning. 'Well-thought movies' are awarded at the Oscars etc, big movies at the MMA's. And IMO big movies should be awarded too. Because don't you think that it's quite an achievement when a movie is able to excite people all over the world so much that they want to see the movie not only once, but multipe times in the cinema? There has to be something amazing about it, right? I think that people shouldn't always need to focus on the 'smart movies', but also recognize that a movie is also good when it's able to entertain people in a way that not many other movies can. I think the MMA's are the perfect place to do this... Beside that, I really think that Kristen and Rob played their characters extremely well in BD and a MMA wouldn't be misplaced. Okay, also I'm getting of my soapbox. Conclusion: I just hope that the Robsten-filled night won't be lost because of MTV's fake attempt to 'upgrade' the show...

Written by on 2014-05-17, 17:49:47

This comment of mine may not go down very well with you guys. But I think its time that deserving people win the MTV awards. No doubt, absolutely no doubt that the best kiss award has to go to Rob and Kristen. But BD wining the best movie award over so many other sensible films.... I think its not fair. And I think Rob should win for Water for elephants over BD. Twilight movies never give him the chance to show his histrionics as an actor.Last year eclipse won like every award and it left me ranting. I personally loathed eclipse. Only Robsten's chemistry made me sit through that film. BD was a lot better, but I don't think it should win the Best movie award ...It wasn't that good anyway.So it's good that everything doesn't depend on the voters' choice. Because clearly twilight has been winning every award for the past few years, only because the fans are insanely devoted. I would like Harry Potter to stand a chance this year. After all it's over and I don't think in any way that BD was better than Deathly Hallows. So I would like to see the cats of HP win this year, for a change. Anyway I think Rob and Kristen have enough of those awards and I don't think they really care about such false glory.But I wish Rob and Kristen would win something for Cosmopolis and OTR/SWATH respectively.The best kiss award has to go to Robsten. It has to. Theirs was really romantic.I hate the twilight books, I couldn't stand reading more than 2 of them. But Rob and Kristen's chemistry is what makes those films watchable.I am truly a big fan of Rob's and I do like Kristen too.

Written by on 2014-05-09, 16:14:00

Oct23 You’ve actually created some exceptional points here. I specifically appreciate the best way you’ve been capable to stick so much thought in a relatively short post (comparitively) which creates it an thoughtful publish with your subject. Many people feel, you’ve presented individual in a very quite thorough yet concise manner, that is genuinely useful when somebody wants to obtain the facts without spending too a lot time searching online and sifting out your noise to discover the answers to their questions. It’s my job to get so frustrated with so plentiful while in the outcomes inside major SE’s just because they normally appear to mostly be filled with filler content that oftentimes isn’t extremely sensible. Should you not mind Let me add this post and your webpage to my delicious favorites in order to share it with my family. I appear forward to approaching back in read your future posts also.

Written by on 2014-05-06, 14:12:32

Anon 1.02, all the movies that go idinse the spectrum of MTV are just popcorn/blockbuster movies. After that, each person has his own preferences in terms of plot, which is totally normal. But in terms of deepness, well, they all are just what they are, no more no less. And the MMA's have always been a voted award. Only fans take the time to vote for this kind of things though, so it's normal that the movie with a more faithful fandom wins. Anyway, don't worry, this year they have taken the appropiate measures for this not to happen. I don't know much about HP, but now that they'll probably take Tw out of the way, It would be cute for them to win something as a goodbye after all the years. Good luck!

Written by Cacheton on 2014-04-23, 11:22:23

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